Priske Family Genealogy


The Priske family name dates back to the 15th century in Cornwall, England and our branch of the family can be documented to 1641 in the mining town of Redruth. The family stayed within a ten mile radius of Redruth for the next six generations.

Two generations later, in June of 1909, our first ancestor stepped foot onto Canadian soil, landing in Montreal, Quebec and eventually making his way to Schreiber, Ontario where his wife and five children joined him a year later.  The first Canadian Priske was born in April of 1912.

Today there are Priske descendants all across Canada and many have migrated to other parts of the world.

Our family tree currently includes approximately 1,700 people and, as one would expect, intersects with many other family trees.

Below is a list of other families (collateral lines) that are a significant part of our extended family tree:

The Wheatley family whose roots trace from Wheathampstead, a small village outside London, back to Whitechapel in London during the era of Jack the Ripper.

The Teague family from Cornwall has a rich history of tin mining.

The Date family of Cornwall includes an ancestor who made a living by delivering lunches to tin miners in small Cornish villages and eventually opened her own bakery in Truro in the late 1800's when it was unheard of women to own their own businesses.   

The Greenfield family of Kent, England includes an ancestor who was brought before the authorities for selling illicit spirits from unlicensed premises.

There are many more people and stories that can be discovered as you wander through the pages of our history.   

Enjoy the journey!