Kathleen Priske 1950-1I  am Kathy Jones (nee Alice Kathleen Priske), the owner/administrator of this website.  That’s me, pictured on the right, circa 1951.

I was born and brought up in Vancouver, British Columbia and I now live on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia with my husband and our dog “Ginger” on a five-acre property complete with a huge rhododendron garden .

We are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters and have two grandchildren who are, of course, the best grandchildren in the world.

One of my main hobbies (or addictions) over the past several years has been genealogical research. I have always been fascinated with  the family stories I heard over the years, but in 2008 I finally decided it was time to bring those family stories to life.

Whenever anyone would ask my Grandmother Priske about her history, the answer was always, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”   I decided it was time to see if I could find out what or who the sleeping dog was.

Our family was large, and we were divided by the width of Canada.  There was an “East Coast” family group and a “West Coast” family group.  In 2009 my brother was contacted by a “West Coast” relative who wondered if there were other siblings for her “West Coast” parent and he directed her question to me.  That was the triggering event that turned me into a family historian as, at that point, I realized it was time to actually document our family history.

So far it has been a fascinating journey, spending countless hours on the internet as well as in archives, libraries and cemeteries searching for our elusive relatives. After finding and recording our family history, I have often been told to write a book about our history but I know that, with all the best of intentions, I will never be able to complete a book as there is always more to add to family history.  Rather than wait to write a book, I feel  it is now time share what I’ve found with family members and other researchers through the medium of the internet.

As my husband likes to say, “do genealogy, will travel” and it really has been a wonderful way to incorporate seeing new places while knowing that there is a connection to your past.  In our quest for more information on our ancestors, we have travelled across Canada as well as to England, Scotland and Ireland and hope to continue on with our travels both into our past and “on the road”.

I hope you enjoy travelling through time with me as you wander through the pages of this website.  There is much more to learn and it is my hope that other family members will find this website and share their stories about our mutual family history.