Boer War: Transporting The Troops

On October 11, 1899 the Boers of South Africa declared war on Great Britain.  A short eighteen days later, on October 28th, the troops of the first Australian contingent were gathered and set sail upon the SS Kent, commanded by Thomas Priske, for Capetown, South Africa. Captain Priske, now 47 years of age, had sailed […]

Great London Dock Strike of 1889

My Mom, Kathy, and I share a fascination with the stories and the things we learn by searching though the history of our family.   It is fascinating to learn about our ancestors, but they are long gone and, if the truth be told, we will never know many of them but we can try to […]

Navigating Our Family Tree

Aloha from my home in Honolulu! I am the the eldest of Kathy’s two daughters and am an enthusiastic, if often confused, supporter of her quest to add to our family tree.  Unfortunately for me, despite my making multiple offers, she and my father insist that they do not need a Sherpa as they travel […]