Kenneth Wheatley Priske- A Life Cut Short

  Kenneth Wheatley Priske (1923-1944) was the thirteenth and last child of Sydney Montague (aka Harry) and Kate Priske (nee Wheatley).   He was born on April  22, 1923 in Schreiber, Ontario. The Priske household was that of a normal large family – boisterous, loud and always busy.  As the youngest child, Ken was spoiled by his […]

S. M. Priske (1879-1938) – His Last Ride

In the spring of 1938 Sydney and Kate Priske decided to visit several of  their children in British Columbia.  Their daughter, Margaret, was living in Victoria, their son Jack in Vancouver and the ships their two sons, Ted and Harry, were serving on were docked in Esquimalt.  According to the stories of their trip, they […]

Great London Dock Strike of 1889

My Mom, Kathy, and I share a fascination with the stories and the things we learn by searching though the history of our family.   It is fascinating to learn about our ancestors, but they are long gone and, if the truth be told, we will never know many of them but we can try to […]

Priske Family Early Life in Schreiber

Sydney and Kate Priske settled in Schreiber, Ontario in 1910, after emigrating from England. Sydney arrived in 1909 and Kate in 1910, bringing with her the first six of their children.  Their first address, as shown in the 1911 census, was on Scotia Street, Schreiber, Ontario. Ten years later, in 1921, the census shows them […]

Alice Kate Priske (nee Wheatley)

  Alice Kate Wheatley was born July 26, 1878 in Wheathampstead, England, one of ten children born to George Wheatley (1850 – 1925) and Mary Ann Wheeler (1851 – 1938).   She was known as either “Kate” or, as a young child, “Katie”. Following her history through census returns provides information not only on Alice Kate […]

Who Was Sydney Montague Priske?

Was he a Greenfield, a Pope or a Priske?  Was he Harry Pope, Sid Priske, Sam Priske, Harry Priske?  And how was his first name spelled?  On various legal documents it was either Sidney or Sydney.  At one time or another during his lifetime, he was all of these. Many years ago I was a […]

A Very Cornish Story – Finding Living Relatives

Ever since finding the information for my elusive Captain Priske, I had been searching for living relatives.   In my previous posst, “Finding the Elusive Captain Priske” I left off with our plans to visit our newly-found relative in Cornwall. After contacting our Cornwall relative and having made plans to meet in Truro, we cancelled […]

Finding the Elusive and Mysterious Captain Priske

Continuing from my previous post which highlighted the beginnings of my search for my roots with Ted Priske’s story, the following is an article I published in the Qualicum Beach Family History journal in June 2009. “There is always just that one “triggering event” that seems to make you want to find your ancestors.  As […]

The Beginnings of My Research Journey

When I began my research, all I had were a simple line drawing of a family history  beginning with my grandparents, Sydney and Kate Priske, going down to their children and grandchildren and an article by my cousin Ted Priske.    From that beginning, I began to trace our family history.   Ted’s article had those […]