Who Was Sydney Montague Priske?

Was he a Greenfield, a Pope or a Priske?  Was he Harry Pope, Sid Priske, Sam Priske, Harry Priske?  And how was his first name spelled?  On various legal documents it was either Sidney or Sydney.  At one time or another during his lifetime, he was all of these. Many years ago I was a […]

Finding the Elusive and Mysterious Captain Priske

Continuing from my previous post which highlighted the beginnings of my search for my roots with Ted Priske’s story, the following is an article I published in the Qualicum Beach Family History journal in June 2009. “There is always just that one “triggering event” that seems to make you want to find your ancestors.  As […]

Genealogy – Finding Your Roots

Several years ago I was asked to write an article for a local newspaper about my experiences in tracing my family history.    It is a general article on finding your family history but also includes the beginning of my search for “The Captain”, my paternal great grandfather, which was the beginning of my quest […]

Navigating Our Family Tree

Aloha from my home in Honolulu! I am the the eldest of Kathy’s two daughters and am an enthusiastic, if often confused, supporter of her quest to add to our family tree.  Unfortunately for me, despite my making multiple offers, she and my father insist that they do not need a Sherpa as they travel […]